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Engagement Report - 3
Please find this weeks infographic below - ConnectSouthShore 2000+ interactions this week, 234 unique visits in 2 days!
Engage Report - 2
People are educating themselves about complete streets - 43,000 views, 8,700 on the landing page alone.  There are 635 unique visitors to the site.  There have been 22 views of the how to video and 79 views of the complete streets video.  40% of respondents are on mobile devices - this is remaining consistent.
Total 268 youtube views (watched more that 85% of video) in 28 days.  Average 10+ per day.
That was better than expected, the surprise was the virtual site tour with 137 views.  Click the button below to review the engage report for November.
Engage Report - 1
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